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Apart from flowers, vegetables and herbs, you can also go in for fruit container gardening. Some types of fruits, such as strawberries lend themselves very well to a container-based growing environment. Choosing fruit container gardening also lets you ensure that your fruit plants are well-protected from insects and pests, and also get the proper soil mixtures required. You can plant strawberries in just about any kind of container, from hanging baskets, to old barrels. The best time to plant strawberries is early spring. Initially strawberries will need plenty of sunlight – at least five to six hours – but once summer is over, move them in. Other plants perfect for fruit container gardening are: raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

How to grow strawberries in containers

A favourite plant chosen by people who go in for fruit container gardening is the strawberry. You Fruit Container Gardeningshould choose a container that allows good drainage – a barrel or hanging basket is best - make sure that there are around five half-inch wide holes at the bottom. Also bore two-inch holes for each alternate row of plants, keeping them around eight inches apart. At the bottom, there should be broken crock or brick, with a two-inch thick layer of gravel at the top. Now fill the container with compost, and inert a long pipe for drainage right in the center.

The best time to plant strawberries in late spring, making sure that no frost remains. Always keep your strawberries used for fruit container gardening in a cool place. Your strawberries will also need plenty of sunlight – around six to eight hours each day. You can also choose between strawberry plants that are seasonal and those that bear fruit throughout the year – seasonal are the best for fresh fruit but remember that they’ll only bear fruit once every season.

How to Grow Raspberries in your container garden

Raspberries are another good choice for fruit container gardening. You can choose between summer and fall-bearing varieties. If you go in for summer bearing raspberry plants for your fruit container garden, you’ll get the fruits in early summer, with the season lasting around five weeks. If you choose the fall-bearing varieties, also known as everbearing, your fruity container garden will give you two crops each year - one in late summer and one in the early summer of next year. You can choose red, gold, purple or black raspberries for your fruit container garden. Some of the good red and yellow varieties of raspberries are – ‘Anne;’ and ‘Autumn Bliss’ . If you want to go in for black or purple varieties, you can choose between ‘Brandywine’, ‘Munger’ and ‘Royalty’. These varieties are summer bearing.

Other fruit plants great for fruit container gardening are blackberries. You can also grow melons if you have large-enough containers. Melons will need plenty of water and soil that drains well. Sapodilla - C55 – is also a good choice for fruit container gardening.

So go in for fruit container gardening and soon you’ll be enjoying healthy and tasty home-grown fruit throughout the year.

Keep a close watch on your fruit plants. Only use organic pesticides on them as you’ll be consuming the fruit, and keep an eye out for leaf insects. One thing common to most fruit varieties is that they all dislike frost and extreme cold. Keep your fruit container gardening efforts in a cool place, away from the frost. Most fruit plants will also need less water and need ensure good drainage. However, keep in mind that the soil will need to be moist to replicate natural conditions so frequent watering – with small amounts – may be required.

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